New 5T Apache Air Compressor from DV Systems

New 5T Apache Air Compressor from DV Systems

Barrie, Ontario — November 6, 2015 — DV Systems has launched the 5T Apache Air Compressor. A statement from the company says the new compressor has been designed to be quiet, compact and affordable.

According to DV Systems, innovative component integration results in a compact, quiet air system engineered for optimized efficiency and performance, providing high-capacity air delivery and stable system pressure with minimal installation space.

The A5T rotary screw air compressor features fixed-speed, belt-drive technology with automatic belt-tensioning that delivers 16 SCFM of compressed air at 145 PSI and 65 dBA. This noise level is roughly equivalent to the noise generated by a normal conversation taking place three feet away.

For more information, please visit dvcompressors.com.


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