Need a Lift?: CSN BC Collisions purchased by Lift Auto Group

Burnaby, B.C. — Lift Auto Group continues to expand by acquiring another collision centre under the CSN banner, and CSN BC Collisions is the most recent acquisition completed by Lift. 

The transaction is positioned to benefit CSN, Lift, and the customers that call Burnaby, British Columbia home, say the companies. 

“Lift is pleased to have acquired its first CSN location in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, CSN BC Collisions,” said Lift Auto Group President & CEO, Mark Reineking. “This facility has been serving the local community for over 50 years and former owners, Dan and Samantha Laird, did an exceptional job in ensuring the shop was well-equipped and its staff well-trained, so that customers had the peace-of-mind knowing that their vehicles were repaired to the highest safety standards.”

Serving the population of more than 230,000 people that reside in Burnaby, CSN BC Collisions is a staple of the driving community. For more than 50 years the location has been providing repairs to what is now the third most populated urban centre in BC. 

Prior to last month’s sale to Lift, the former owners had operated the business since 2016 and the facility had been in the CSN network since 2014. 

“CSN is like a family so it is somewhat unfortunate when one of our owners decides to sell their business,” said Ryan Bruno, CSN Collision Centres President & CEO. “This transaction reinforces that CSN has a number of solutions that we can implement to transition an existing CSN location, keep them in our network, and maintain CSN’s presence in a specific market.”

CSN BC Collisions is located in a competitive market with multiple other banner locations in close proximity. The acquisition by Lift is even more impactful for the CSN network because of this competitive landscape. 



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