National Brake Month

By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — August 16, 2018 — August is designated as national brake month – at  least in the United States. T’is the season to tune up, and tune in to the latest advice on proper brake maintenance.
Make sure the car owner is knowledgeable about what to look out for when keeping up with the maintenance of their brakes and how they function.
If it’s a repeat customer, familiarize yourself with their brakes and how they function.
“How much is it going to cost to fix my brakes? Or to put new ones in?” These are just a few things that are lingering on a customer’s mind. 
So, in that case, it is beneficial to justify the cost of the maintenance to the customer. 
It is suggested to break down the cost of maintenance into smaller increments. 
If the car owner is keeping up with their brake system, it would also give them a piece of mind when explaining how much they are saving with the cost differences between brake parts. 
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