More than Memes: AIA Canada released a report examining trends in millennial vehicle owners

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Making up over 25 percent of the population, Millennials represent more than 10 million Canadians—all of legal driving age. Understanding what makes the cohort of people born between 1980 to 1996, different from other generations is key for any aftermarket business, says AIA Canada.   

According to AIA Canada’s newest research release, Understanding Millennials: A Quick Profile of Young Canadian Vehicle Owners, there are common trends in how millenials look at vehicle ownership, maintenance and repair. 

“Getting a grip on these trends is important, millennials will be a driving demand in the Canadian automotive aftermarket for decades to come,” says AIA. 

The report delves into the practices and attitudes of this demographic when it comes to vehicle ownership, maintenance and repair, how they use online shopping, and their views about the data their vehicles generate. 

Some of AIA’s key findings about Millennial vehicle owners include:

  • Of the 36 percent who take their vehicle for maintenance and repair (M&R), 17 percent prefer going to an independent automotive service (ASP) shop only;
  • Millennials view ASPs as providing ‘value for money’ (53 percent) and being trustworthy (34 percent) as compared to dealerships; and,
  • 64 percent of millennials would like to better understand who controls vehicle data, whereas 78 percent agree that vehicle manufacturers should be doing more to educate Canadians about who owns the data.

AIA Canada members can grab a copy of the report at no cost now, and non-members can purchase it for $99.  

For those interested in purchasing the report, click here

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