More Gigawatts Than Ever: DeLorean Motor Company teases full-width LED bar on new model

Toronto, Ontario — Star Wars day may afford some people the opportunity to relive youthful fantasies about fictional worlds—but the people behind the DeLorean are peddling some real progress this May 4, teasing some previously unseen looks at the famous model’s upcoming EV update.

In a short clip posted to the DeLorean Motor Company’s Instagram page, the time traveling sports car can be seen in a rear silhouette before a full-width LED lamp slides a red light across the rear bumper, evoking very strong lightsaber energy.

To demonstrate the evolution of the DeLorean’s design over the decades, partnering design company Italdesign plans to release images of previously unseen 1990, 2000 and 2010 DeLorean concept designs, ahead of the car’s official August 18 debut.

The company says this new electric DeLorean is just first in a range of new cars it has planned for the coming years.


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