Mobility Moniker: Axalta rebrands Transportation Coatings unit

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Axalta’s Transportation Coatings unit has been rebranded as Axalta Mobility coatings, the company announced Thursday.

“The redefined business will focus on supporting the accelerating demand for e-mobility and the needs of the evolving coatings of established and emerging light and commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fleet owners, and shared mobility providers,” the company wrote in a press release.

As part of the rebranding, Axalta Mobility Coatings is unveiling a new solutions portfolio that brings together the best of Axalta’s experience and innovation into three categories: Core Mobility Solutions, Advanced Mobility Solutions, and Axalta Advantage. Core Mobility Solutions comprises Axalta’s basecoats and clearcoats for colour along with primers, electrocoats and powder applications, said the company.

Advanced Mobility Solutions encompasses products and applications for mass customization, two-tone colour, and digital paint. It includes coatings with enhanced functionality that improve LiDAR and radar performance and thermal management solutions from Axalta’s Industrial Coatings portfolio for electric motors and components. Axalta Advantage features services and consulting designed to improve productivity in and outside the paint shop, including application design, process improvement, cost and CO2 modelling and troubleshooting.

Axalta Mobility Coatings is also implementing a key account model to respond to customers with greater agility and to support them through every step of their mobility journey.

For more information about Axalta Mobility Coatings, visit www.axalta.com


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