Mitchell to license eMarkting Sherpa’s platform, technologies

Poway, California — March 12, 2014 — Summit eMarketing Sherpa’s has announced that Mitchell International has agreed to license its internet, social media and mobile sales, marketing and customer service platform and associated technologies. According to Summit eMarketing Sherpa’s, this agreement provides Mitchell an exclusive license to market and sell its platform and technologies to the collision repair and property and casualty industries.

“Mitchell’s decision to license our sales, marketing and customer service technology platform validates all of the work our team has put in over the past five years,” says Frank Terlep, Summit eMarketing Sherpa’s CEO and Lead Sherpa. “We look forward to working with Mitchell to help them become the leader in Internet, social media and mobile based sales, marketing and customer service solutions for the collision repair and property and casualty industries.”
According to Mitchell, e-MarketPlace’s potential as an integrated RepairCenter module is a significant opportunity for Mitchell to expand on the value delivered to the industry, and this collaboration furthers Mitchell’s promise of generating more profit for clients. 
For more information on the Mitchell agreement call Summit eMarketing Sherpa’s at 888-377-2661 or email sales@emarketingsherpas.com.

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