Mitchell releases 2018 Industry Trend Report

By CRM staff 
Toronto, Ontario — September 14th 2018 — This week, Mitchell released their quarterly Industry Trend Report and it is no surprise what the focus is on – smart technology in new vehicles. In the report, Mitchell explores three specific subjects.
1. The effects of technology changes and insurance risks in the age of automation
2. Importance of creating a plan or blueprint of how to effectively and safely repair a vehicle
3. How a comprehensive perspective of an insurance claim can prove  invaluable and yield better results when handling difficult claims
In the report, Mitchell CEO Alex Sun discusses how the ‘age of automation’ and the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) have a huge impact on risks pertaining to insurance. Connectivity technology in new vehicles pose challenges that have no historical precedent and are unearthing new hazards in the automotive world. Sun dives deeper and discusses everything from smart homes, autonomous vehicles, and in-car medical devices. 
In this quarters Casualty edition, the feature article entitled, “The Power of Perspective: Seeing the Full Picture of a Claim” penned by Mitchell’s own Nina Smith, discusses how having an objective perspective along with proper utilization of data can be invaluable when dealing with insurance partners. 
“The combination of technology and data provides the insights required … to give adjusters a full picture of the claim, creating better outcomes and helping restore lives.” Nina said.
As technology advances seemingly by the hour, it has never been more important to constantly be in the know on best practices on safety, and efficiency when repairing a vehicle.
Ensuring that you have a clear plan and are aware of any risks both to yourself and any that would compromise the quality of service you are providing.
Find the full report here:  
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