Mitchell announces RepairCenter Digital Marketing

San Diego, California — July 16, 2014 — Mitchell has announced the general availability of Digital Marketing, a module in the RepairCenter management solution. The technology enables repair shops to better target new and current customers through improved social integrations and direct customer communications.

“Whether profits come from DRP repairs exclusively or are more diversified, reputation is king in today’s referral-driven business environment,” said Jesse Herrera, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mitchell. “With the Digital Marketing module, Mitchell has combined essential marketing tools into one simple platform to help repair shops expand their businesses through tactics such as social media monitoring, online listings and targeted email campaigns.”

The Digital Marketing tool is built upon the premise that customers now communicate and engage across various channels. It’s imperative that repair shops meet these auto owners where they are, whether on social channels, email or through mobile solutions.

“Oftentimes, a shop’s marketing efforts are built in-house and implemented using the company’s time and resources,” said Anlin Sethi, Senior Manager of Product Management, Mitchell. “Unfortunately, this means sacrificing technicians’ time on repairs to support customer growth. With Mitchell’s technology, shop owners no longer have to compromise repair time and can still improve their marketing presence, while ensuring that auto owners get their vehicles back in a timely fashion.”

Digital Marketing package includes:

– Social media listening and analytics
– Voice and digital CSI surveys
– Automated email reminders
– Referral rewards
– Email campaign templates
– Smart phone app with mobile reminders
– Appointment scheduler
– Robust database and metrics dashboard

For more information, please visit mitchell.com. 


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