Missed Calibrations: adasThink unveils industry whitepaper

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— adasThink has unveiled its industry whitepaper revealing that 88 percent of calibrations are being missed in Canadian collision repair facilities. 

According to the whitepaper, 85 of 100 estimates analyzed did not contain an entry for an ADAS calibration. The 100 estimates identified only 15 ADAS calibrations out of 122–bringing the total ADAS calibration rate down to 12 percent.

To put it another way, about 88 percent of ADAS calibrations are being missed.

“Based on our data, the industry should be seeing an explosion in ADAS calibrations,” reads the whitepaper. “Unfortunately, that’s not at all what’s happening, because bodyshops are missing most of them.”

“The big picture: there are a huge number of vehicles on the road with ADAS right now,” wrote the company. “The collision industry is repairing a huge volume of vehicles that need to be recalibrated, but the industry isn’t fixing them. Over time, vehicles will get more complex, and ADAS calibration requirements will multiply.”

A copy of adasThink’s whitepaper is available here.


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