MIRAIT and Metawave Partner to Deploy Millimeter-Wave 5G Technology

MIRAIT Agrees to Sell Metawave KLONE™ Passive 5G Reflectors Throughout Japan

TOKYO & PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5G–MIRAIT Corporation and Metawave partnered to deploy millimeter-wave 5G technology throughout Japan. Starting today, MIRAIT has agreed to sell and deploy Metawave’s award-winning KLONE™ Passive Reflectors to public and private organizations wanting to gain a competitive advantage using 5G. MIRAIT began working with Metawave in 2019 to test the KLONE reflector in various network configurations.

“We are thrilled to continue our work with MIRAIT as they take our KLONE reflector to their leading customers throughout Japan,” said Metawave CEO Maha Achour. “As 5G continues to proliferate, the millimeter wave network is the most technically exciting. It provides connection speeds that lends itself to amazing use cases like virtual reality, autonomous driving, and robotics for delivery. The industry needs low-cost, low-power, easy-to-install repeaters and reflectors in order to save on the deployment of new radios. We’re excited to be a part of this advancement and our work with MIRAIT will help.”

5G is the next advancement in broadband wireless connectivity. Given the extremely high frequency and short but effective waves, there is a need for 5G millimeter wave repeaters and reflectors for economical and efficient deployment. It provides 100 times faster data speeds than 4G while supporting applications such as autonomous driving, making it possible for multiple devices to be highly responsive, and better connected simultaneously. 5G allows transmission of 10,000 times the traffic with less than 1 millisecond latency. It’s more reliable than prior cellular networks opening the doors to smart cities and vehicles.

In June 2020, as part of its “Local 5G Wireless Area Construction Solution” MIRAIT began providing support for companies implementing local 5G systems through its construction consultation services including design, construction, and support for license application.

Currently, the quasi-millimeter wave band, which is assigned to the local 5G, has a blind area due to the propagation of radio waves. To solve this problem, Metawave KLONE reflectors realize efficient and economical wireless area formation. Since December 2019, in collaboration with Metawave, MIRAIT has been conducting propagation tests, channel analysis, trial manufacture, and performance evaluation of KLONE reflectors as passive reflectors in constructing a local 5G wireless area. KLONE is easy to install and point, requires no power, requires no permits or licenses, and does not spoil the aesthetics of the area.

5G is expected to be widely used not only for telecommunications carriers but also for construction sites, logistics and warehouses, stadiums, hotels, office buildings and the like. MIRAIT will contribute to the formation of efficient and detailed areas using millimeter wave 5G.

About Metawave

Metawave SPEKTRA™ is the first automotive, analog beamsteering radar capable of distinguishing between objects that are next to each other, in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions, making cars safer and smarter. Metawave TURBO™ active repeaters and KLONE™ passive reflectors enable faster, more efficient 5G deployments bringing connectivity to billions of users both indoors and out. All of Metawave’s platforms are powered by AWARE™, Metawave’s AI software for object classification on the road, and effective network optimization for 5G deployment. Founded in 2017, Metawave is headquartered in Palo Alto and has state-of-the-art labs in Carlsbad and Palo Alto, CA. Visit us at www.metawave.co, email us at info@metawave.co, and follow us on Twitter @metawavecorp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Metawave | https://www.metawave.co | Josie Hollander | media@metawave.co | +1 442-325-0570

MIRAIT | https://www.mrt.mirait.co.jp/ | mirait_fs_dai1@mirait.co.jp | 03-6807-3159


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