Media Spike #15 – Here, There, and Everywhere? Why Not!

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly

Come on in, come on in, we’re just about to start. Come on in.
If you’ve been paying attention, and at a dozen + message into this series I’m sure you have, you’ll note at the end of Media Spike #11 we asked … 

• Why should you use radio with newspaper ads?

• What’s the point of a poster campaign with exterior bus cards and ½ page magazine ads?

• Why don’t we just use the Internet for everything?


Despite yours and mine best intentions, people, our customers, have this annoying habit of using more than one form of media to get their information. Sometimes it’s a radio news station with onine broadcasting. Or sometimes they read a newspaper on their way to work, two days a week, but the other three days they carpool and don’t see your ad.

Once in a while they might tune to a TV program, but flip to the sports highlights elsewhere just as your commercial airs. These fickle prospects compel us to use all means at our disposal and in our budget to get in front of them on a regular basis until they take notice of us.

Certainly some will be drawn in by your newspaper ad, if the day is right and your ad hits them on the same day they’re reading. Radio is a wonderful way to get between the ears. But maybe they have a no-radio policy at work and they’ll miss your ads all day. Online can be an amazing place of engagement, but you’ll be competing as a needle in the world’s largest haystack with an estimated 50 million-plus active websites out there. You selected just the perfect magazine mix and they love to read, but this month, the kids are sick, the car needs repairs and their work is crazy so you’re unopened in an in tray!

The best way to combat this, once you’ve done your testing, is to implement multiple media to improve your chances of them seeing/hearing one or more messages to respond to. Most of us, being capricious by nature, are susceptible to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior. As such, that which is riveting today, is invisible tomorrow.

By having multiple touchpoints of recognition in the marketplace, you increase your chances to be noticed and acted on. In fairness, some clients have done exceedingly well relying on only one or two media through their history. But they’ve only reached that level of success by constantly changing and refining until they can place it on autopilot. Give yourself every chance for success by letting your prospects know you’re here to help.

Stay tuned. 

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