Maxi-Miser launched in Canada

The Maxi-Miser 3000 is distributed in Canada by Innovative Refinish Sales and Solutions.

By Mike Davey

Winnipeg, Manitoba — November 16, 2016 — Apollo Sprayers International has been manufacturing turbine spray equipment for almost 50 years. Recently the company unveiled the Maxi-Miser 3000, a new system for high-production collision repair facilities.

Dan Bernier and Chad Brick have partnered up to form Innovative Refinish Sales and Solutions and distribute the product in Canada, with a full inventory of units and parts available from their distribution centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In essence, the Maxi-Miser is  its own independent painting system that uses a lot less paint to get the job done. The Maxi-Miser is a turbine high-volume low pressure (HVLP) spray system consisting of its own turbine air generator, hose and spray guns. There is no separate compressor required to use the spray equipment.

“Apollo Sprayers were the original force behind the development of HVLP technology. The Maxi-Miser takes HVLP to a whole new level of paint transfer efficiency, giving much lower paint costs, reduced filter and compressor maintenance, reduced dirt imperfections, reduced environmental impact and greater painter comfort,” says Bernier.  “Our testing has seen a reduction in paint usage of up to 40 percent.”

Bernier has used the Maxi-Miser himself in a production setting. He says the system saves on costs of materials without compromising quality and efficiency. All Maxi-Misers come with a two year warranty from Apollo Sprayers.

“I’ve seen with my own eyes how much less paint it uses, and it still delivers a professional looking OEM finish,” he says.

Bernier notes that there are lot of external financial pressures on body shops in today’s marketplace. This is part of the reason he believes the timing is perfect for bringing the Maxi-Miser system to Canada.  He says that a body shop that has $3 million in sales typically spends about $200,000 on paint every year. On that basis, Bernier says the Maxi-Miser can bring $40,000 or more in savings every year.

“Chad and I are excitedabout this product, as it truly brings a cost savings to body shops, and that’s something we haven’t really seen in a long time,” he says. “There’s a  lot of financial pressure on shops from all sorts of directions, including new equipment. Saving money on your paint can help you pay for the new scanner, welder or 3D measuring system.”

Bernier and Brick are currently looking to build a team of jobbers and sales agents in Canada to help deliver this technology to customers. More information on the system is available at maxi-miser.com. You can also contact Bernier directly at 204-471-8032 or via email to apollo_canada@hvlp.com.


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