Market Dominance: 81 percent of ADAS crashes are from Teslas, says NHTSA investigation

Toronto, Ontario – A recent fatal collision involving a Tesla vehicle and a motorcyclist has invigorated ongoing investigations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with Teslas now representing 81 percent of all ADAS-related collisions in the United States.

According to Bloomberg, this is the 18th fatal crash in an ongoing NHTSA investigation in ADAS vehicles since 2016. Out of the 47 collisions in the study, 38 were Teslas.

Published data from an earlier, albeit ongoing investigation suggest that Teslas represented 70 percent of all ADAS-related collisions in June 2022, on top of yet another investigation into Tesla vehicles’ propensity to crash into parked emergency vehicles.

As a disclaimer, this data does not prove that Tesla’s ADAS software is inadequately tested. Until a conclusion by the NHTSA is released, it is entirely possible that the data has other conclusions such as the rate at which companies report colisions to the NHTSA, or that Teslas represent 70 percent of all ADAS vehicles on American roads.


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