LORD releases new Visible Light Cured Over Hem Sealer

Cary, North Carolina — March 18, 2014 — LORD Corporation has announced the availability of its new collision repair facility applied Visible Light Cured Over Hem Sealer.

Developed for OEM assembly plants, LORD Corporation’s Visible Light Cured Over Hem Sealer, Versilok 500 VLC, is a room temperature two-component (2K) acrylic material used to prevent corrosion on the exposed edge of hemming closures such as hoods, doors, lift gates and deck lids. LORD Corporation says the value added product solution provides excellent corrosion protection and aesthetics, and has significant ergonomic advantages for difficult to reach profile applications. 
According to Charmaine Riggins, automotive industry global marketing & business development director at LORD Corporation, “LORD Visible Light Cured Over Hem Sealer will change the way of sealing the vehicle, while providing economical and ergonomic benefits to the assembly of a vehicle. Unlike UV curable technologies experienced in the industry, Versilok 500 VLC technology requires no shielding and can be safely used and applied in a production environment.”
The company says the development was driven by the demand for a cost-effective solution and process simplification, and that Versilok 500 VLC provides a tack-free surface in seconds, full strength within an hour, excellent adhesion to oily metal for corrosion protection, and significant cosmetics and paint appearance improvement.
For more information, please visit lord.com

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