Look out for our 2019 issue of Canadian Auto Recyclers Magazine

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — December 18, 2018 — Get ready for our 13th annual issue of the Canadian Auto Recyclers!

In the upcoming issue, you’ll find the details from all of the auto recycling associations in Canada, PLUS the biggest recycling events that took place in 2018! 

On the cover of our 2019 edition, we celebrate the indomitable Frank Serravalle, owner of Thorold Auto Parts and Recyclers. When a tragic accident left him taking charge of the business while he was still in university, Frank was terrified of leading the business to failure–but he did not. We chart Frank’s two-decade journey following the tragedy, uncovering how, despite immense challenges, Thorolds Auto Parts and Recycling has become one of Canada’s most successful recycling facilities.

It will also share several stories about the issues facing the auto recycling industry today, such as the need for proper training when dismantling electric vehicles, and the safety precautions recycling facilities should take to avoid fires.

Be sure to look out for the latest issue, scheduled to be coming out in early 2019!


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