Look Both Ways: Elk directs traffic on Alberta highway, issues warning to driver

Jasper, Alberta — In a stunning reversal to the relationship between nature and machines, concerned motorists along an Alberta highway near Jasper recently found themselves being herded to the road’s shoulders by a rogue bull elk out for a stroll.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by WildlifeOnVideo, several drivers were forced to stop along the highway approaching Jasper as a massive elk attempted to herd a gang of its friends in the background to a more isolated spot. It charged one particularly stubborn driver, but was thankfully more interested in keeping space than harming the vehicle.

Also yes, a group of elk is called a gang—go figure.

While several drivers stepped out of the vehicle to film the majestic beast, Collision Repair Magazine does not endorse leaving the safety of your vehicle to film an animal with spears growing out of its head.

Instead, Parks Canada recommends staying in your vehicle and observing them from a distance, ideally with binoculars. Bull elks can be especially dangerous between August and September during the fall mating season, and can weigh as much as 900 lbs.


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