Light Speed: COLAD introduces UV Fast Curing System at SEMA360

Las Vegas, Nevada — Colad and EMM Specialities have launched a brand-new UV Fast Curing System and will be holding demos all week during SEMA360.

Colad and EMM Specialties created a roundtable product demonstration–reoccurring every day at 1 p.m. EST–to showcase the new UV Fast Curing System, which the company manufacturers in-house, alongside its automotive putties and  body fillers.

The UV Fast Curing Light is currently in pre-production and can be used to cure UV curing putties, UV curing paints, and UV curing primers and body fillers on spot repairs, as well as small and large areas. With more than 200 mW per sq. cm. power, cured surfaces are immediately ready for further processing, says the company–no need to wait to polish or sand.

Matthew Witzgall, VP for the company’s North American operation, hosted the first product demonstration on Nov. 2. Live on both Instagram and Zoom, a technician spread putty on an appropriately dinged-up slab, held the UV Fast Curing System over the spot, and three seconds later, it’s dry.

The demo was then repeated but with the coarse putty and produced the same result.

Witzgall said the new product should be available internationally by January-February 2021.

The UV Fast Curing System enables a faster working environment and efficiency while significantly reducing curing time between process steps. The cured surface can be processed immediately after curing and it is easy to operate to its high-tech, lightweight ergonomic design. The Curing System is shock resistant, solvent resistant and cord-wired to produce ample power.

Find out more by joining Colad and EMM Specialities’ live roundtable demonstrations on the SEMA360 site at 1 p.m. (EST), Nov. 2 through Nov. 6 at SEMA360.



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