Life-Proof Paint: Queen’s University coatings research gets $24 million funding boost

Kingston, Ontario — A research project led by Queen’s University received an injection of $24 million to continue developing molecular coatings technology that aims to extend the lifespan of automotive paints.

With this latest boost of funding provided by the New Frontiers in Research Funding program, the university believes that this research could put Canada at the forefront of coatings technology.

“Worldwide, countries spend, on average, over three percent of their GDP each year on corrosion maintenance,” says Cathleen Crudden, Queen’s professor and lead researcher on the project. 

“Annually, Canada spends around $66 billion across sectors. With new strategies, like the innovative coatings we are developing, we could save governments, taxpayers, and industries up to 25 percent of this cost. We are very excited about the potential this work holds, and grateful for this significant support from the government’s New Frontiers in Research Fund: Transformation Stream.”

Dr. Crudden and her team have been working to develop a coating that could slow or halt the effects of oxygen, temperature and pH, all of which can cause corrosion or degradation in paint.

The project will also involve collaborators from around the world, including academic and industry partners in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Finland and more.

The $24 million in funding will be distributed over a six-year span.


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