Learner Car: All EV Canada creates labeled, educational version of Tesla Model 3 for tech training

Halifax, Nova Scotia — The great minds over at All EV Canada in Halifax have come up with a bright idea for educating collision repair technicians on the diverse, and often unfamiliar, electronic components in a modern electric vehicle, as shown in a recent Youtube video.

The team at All EV Canada just unveiled a new training vehicle for collision repair technicians looking to familiarize themselves with this cutting edge technology, having taken a Tesla Model 3 SR+ and fully labeled and illuminated its critical interior.

Fit with transparent plexiglass cases, bright yellow labels, and fixed lighting, this modified Model 3 is intended to get techs acquainted with the EV-specific components that have not typically been accounted for in traditional body repair training, such as coolant systems and more advanced electronic modules.

The result is a fully-functioning teaching tool that provides first-glance insight on this rapidly advancing field.

All EV co-founder, Jeremie Bernardin said in the video that they have also created similar training models with Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt EVs as well, in order to show a more comprehensive scope of the technology on roads today.

Check out the video from All EV Canada down below.


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