Leal, Duplantie and Bessette acquire international Fix Auto brand

Blainville, Quebec — March 5, 2014 — Jean Delisle, founder of the Fix Auto brand, has announced the transfer of Mondofix to Steve Leal, Manon Duplantie and Guy Bessette. Mondofix is the holding company of the Fix Auto international brand.

The ownership transfer from Delisle and previous majority shareholders of Mondofix became official as of March 1,  2014.
The three associates will play the same role into the Mondofix organization as they do in Fix Auto Canada. Leal will also continue to operate the Fix Auto Canada daily operations as usual. Duplantie and Bessette will retain their respective roles of Strategic Advisor to the President and Chairman of the Board.
As of today, Mondofix has licensed the 333 strategic partners representing the brand. A statement from the company says this acquisition will increase the communication, the speed of execution and brand development between the Fix Auto organizations in different countries.
For more information, please visit fixauto.com.

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