Junk Trunk: Tesla 2017-2020 Model 3’s recalled for trunk harness issue

Toronto, Ontario — A gentler touch may be in order as a recent recall issued by Transport Canada and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) alleges that wear on Tesla Model 3’s trunk harness can lead the rearview camera to fail.

The NHTSA estimates 356,309 vehicles (35,342 in Canada, according to Transport Canada) to be affected by an issue where the coaxial cable housed in the Model 3’s trunk can become worn and disconnect from the rearview camera, causing the camera display to fail.

The report announcing the recall described the issue as such: “The coaxial cable is affixed to a harness on the trunk lid and extends or folds as the trunk opens and closes. When the trunk is in a closed state, the harness folds and may experience a tight bend radius, stressing the core of the cable.”

The issue has currently only been identified on Model 3’s of the years 2018-2020 in Canada.

A similar issue has been identified in the front trunk of the 2014-2021 Tesla Model S where a faulty latch could cause the trunk to open unexpectedly.  Transport Canada and the NHTSA have launched a recall to address the 119,009 vehicles estimated to be affected—6,618 of which are registered on Canadian roads.

The NHTSA says that owners will be notified on Feb. 18 with details on when Tesla service representatives will be able to inspect trunk harnesses on affected vehicles.

No crashes or injuries have been linked to the issue as of yet, however, the NHTSA recommends drivers brush up on the old shoulder check technique of days gone.


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