Introducing the all-new Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine!

Our very first issue on the right, and the all-new CAR on the left. There is a fresh new look, but the changes are much more than skin deep.

By Mike Davey

Hamilton, Ontario — January 17, 2018 — Get ready for the very first issue of the all-new Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine! It’s been more than a decade since the first issue of the magazine was published and a lot has changed since that time.

The automotive recycling industry itself had already changed enormously by 2006 when we put out that first issue. Progressive operators throughout the country had improved and streamlined their operations, parts grading was well established and many operators were already seeing themselves not just as businesspeople, but as environmental stewards, with a mission to keep useful parts and materials out of landfills, and to prevent contamination of our water, air and soil.

Yet they still had, for many people, the image of the junkyard. Comparing a modern automotive recycling facility to a junkyard is like comparing a well-stocked department store to a yard sale. They both have things for sale, but that’s about where the resemblance ends. The yard sale (and the junkyard) are usually disorganized and the items for sale are of questionable value. The department store (and the automotive recycling facility) are often superbly organized, and you can tell the items are of value because of the way both the staff and customers treat them.

The way the automotive recycling industry transformed itself was truly an amazing story and it’s one we’ve had the privilege of telling for the last 10 years. That first issue of Canadian Auto Recyclers had a very specific purpose: communicate the evolution of auto recycling to repairers, to insurers, to government and to the public.

With your help and the help of the professional recycling associations, we’ve succeeded in fulfilling that original mission. The term “auto recycler” gets more hits on Google than the word “junkyard” and it’s now common to see “auto recycling” used in the media and by the public. Rest assured, there’s still work to be done on that original mission. The message has gotten out, but it hasn’t reached every single member of the public quite yet.

With that said, it’s time for a change. The business changed from the junkyard to the automotive recycling facility, and we helped to tell that story. Now, the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs is coming to the fore in a much more mature and professional industry. It’s time for Canadian Automotive Recyclers to reflect that change.

The magazine started life being about you, the professional auto recycler. That hasn’t changed. What’s different, though, is that it’s for you now as well. You’ll find profiles of some of the up-and-comers in the auto recycling industry, information from your suppliers on the latest and greatest equipment and articles and tips from colleagues on how to do business better, faster and cheaper.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell your stories over the last 10 years. On behalf of everyone involved in Canadian Auto Recyclers, thanks for the opportunity to help keep you informed for the next 10 years.


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