Intelligent Integration: Volvo offering AI inspection tech to U.S. east coast dealers

Washington, D.C. — Volvo dealerships on the U.S.’s east coast are due for a major equipment upgrade as the Swedish automaker announced that artificial intelligence vehicle inspection tech will be provided to Volvo dealers in the region.

The company says the goal behind this decision is to equip U.S. retailers with Israel-based UVeye’s AI vehicle inspection systems “to improve customer satisfaction and business efficiencies.”

The camera-based inspection system uses machine learning technologies and AI to check tires, underbody components and vehicle exteriors for defects, missing parts and other safety-related issues in seconds, according to Volvo.

UVeye CEO Amir Hever says that Volvo dealers are not required to buy any of the hardware involved with these systems, but that the tech is installed by UVeye and charges the user per scan, as part of a monthly subscription.

Volvo’s v-p of U.S. sales operations, Rick Bryant said that this move will help expedite the trade-in appraisal process and create digital “vehicle health” reports with photos that can be shared with owners.

“This is a homerun for Volvo Cars and our retailers,” Bryant said in a statement. “UVeye’s automated systems will add a new level of credibility to the inspection process for us, for our retailers and for our customers.”

Volvo is offering its dealers one of the three following UVeye inspection systems: Helios, an underbody scanner that detects a wide range of problems from frame damage to oil leakage and corrosion; Artemis, a tire system that identifies tire brand, basic specifications, air pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage, and if a vehicle’s tires are mismatched; and Atlas, a system that provides 360-degree exterior scans and detects damage such as dents, scratches, and rust on critical components including bumpers, mirrors, door locks, grilles, and windows.

“An automated system can help resolve problems,” said Bryant. “It shows the vehicle’s actual condition. The result is that customers will be able to see flaws such as a rusty tailpipe that they didn’t know about. And they’ll also know the retailer is being upfront with them.”

There has been no word yet as to whether these inspection systems are on their way to Canadian Volvo dealerships at this time.


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