Ingersoll Rand launches new PowerSocket sizes and IQV20 combo kits

IQV20 combo kits from Ingersoll Rand.

Davidson, North Carolina — December 7, 2016 — Ingersoll Rand has introduced six new PowerSocket sizes and IQV20 Series Combo Kits.

The PowerSocket is now available in six additional sizes: 18mm, 22mm, 24mm, 3/4-inch, 7/8-inch and 15/16-inch to accompany the existing 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 26mm and 27mm sizes.

“More PowerSocket sizes means more versatility for vehicle technicians, while the new combo kits help maximize their long-term tool investment by offering multiple tools in one kit,” said Eric Suro, Global Portfolio Leader for Ingersoll Rand Power Tools.

A statement from Ingersoll Rand says the PowerSocket is a lightweight and compact accessory that provides up to 50 percent more torque than standard impact sockets and loosens fasteners, bolts and lug nuts fast so technicians save time and money by eliminating the need for additional tools. The company says the PowerSocket is ideal for applications that usually require a larger impact tool or a breaker bar.

The PowerSocket can be used with Ingersoll Rand half-inch Impactools and is also compatible with half-inch impact tools from other manufacturers.

Ingersoll Rand has released the IQV20 combo kits to provide technicians with versatility. The kits include the IQV20 W5132, a cordless wrench with 550 foot-pounds of torque and 365 foot-pounds of max reverse torque. Ingersoll Rand says the IQV20 Series Combo Kits offer a one-stop-shop for technicians by providing several tools in one kit and 20-volt battery platforms.

For more information, please visit ingersollrandproducts.com.


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