Ingersoll Rand introduces IQV12 Series G1621 Polisher/Sander

The Ingersoll Rand IQV12 Polisher/Sander.

Davidson, North Carolina — April 5, 2016 — Ingersoll Rand has introduced the IQV12 Series G1621 Polisher/Sander, a cordless multi-purpose solution that allows automotive technicians to prepare and finish multiple types of surfaces in tight spaces. The electric tool features a two-speed gearbox for sanding and polishing a variety of surfaces, from sanding brake rotors and removing gaskets, to polishing bumpers and headlight restoration. In addition, a statement from Ingersoll Rand says its unique tool-free spindle lock allows technicians to change backing pads quickly, without fumbling for additional tools.

“The Ingersoll Rand IQV12 Polisher/Sander gives autobody and automotive technicians the versatility they need to get in tight spaces to perform detailed, intricate work,” said Brian Fetner, Global Product Manager for Ingersoll Rand Power Tools. “Autobody technicians will find that the tool can reach into tight places to work on a variety of surfaces like fenders, mirrors and lights, while automotive technicians can quickly prep an area to rebuild, such as brake rotors.”

The IQV12 Polisher/Sander two-speed gearbox and variable speed lever allow technicians to adjust the speed of the tool to adapt to many surfaces. A statement from the company says the adjustments help technicians perform precision work when polishing or prepping surfaces, while protecting surfaces from heat damage.

The G1621 Polisher/Sander features an ergonomic grip and a patent-pending soft mount system to reduce vibration. The updated design also reduces the amount of noise the tool creates. In addition, a side handle can be fitted for left- or right-handed operation for added stability during aggressive sanding or polishing.

The spindle lock on the IQV12 tool secures backing pads into place without the need for additional tools, translating to faster replacement of accessories and consumables and keep technicians moving from job-to-job. Consumable discs from other manufacturers can be used on the backing pads.

For more information about the IQV12 Series Polisher/Sander please visit irtools.com/G1621.


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