Industry responds to undercover news report of bodyshop activity

Industry responds to W5 report.

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario  March 10, 2019 — This weekend’s airing of a W5 investigation into alleged fraudulent activity by bodyshops in a select area of Toronto unfairly cast a negative pall on legitimate and professional repair facilities across the country, according to the publisher of Collision Repair magazine and a large number of comments on social media.

These concerns were addressed in a letter written by Darryl Simmons to W5’s executive producer (see below). The same message was echoed across a variety of social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. Comments can be found by clicking on the links to Facebook and LinkedIn.

“Your team’s recent television broadcast report on a select few bodyshops specifically in the Toronto area raised the same concerns of the vast majority of the 5000 or so professional and legitimate collision repair facilities across the country; namely that the tactics used by a small number of shops are tarnishing the reputation of an industry dedicated to preserving public safety on Canadian roads. Some of the recent improvements towards a self-regulated marketplace include certification, advanced technical training, as well as pre-and post-repair scanning,” said Simmons in the letter. “Your report, although somewhat misleading, is certainly timely as it coincides with the industry’s consistent open conversation for the betterment of itself and how to eliminate those few who tarnish the reputation of the many.”

Letter to W5 from Collision Repair magazine

Simmons went on to invite the reporting team to take a tour of any of the progressive and professional collision repair facilities which comprise the majority of shops across the country. “I am convinced that seeing them will present a much more accurate representation of the new era of collision repair facilities who are dedicated to providing honest and safe repairs.  Hopefully that will encourage your team to prepare a follow-up broadcast.”

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