From left to right: Mark Millson, Excellence Collision; Jeff Pabst, Pfaff Autoworks; Chris Castanga, BMW; Scott Wideman, Volkswagen; John Evers, Porsche; and Paul Stella, Toyota.

Attendees of CCCR’s first-ever in-person gathering agree that collaboration is the key to change


Common challenges need common solutions—this was the key message at the first in-person meeting of the Canadian Council of Collision Repairers (CCCR) in Markham, ON at Pfaff Autoworks. During the day-long meeting, this significant gathering of more than 50 shop owners and managers, alongside several key OEM representatives, candidly discussed vital industry topics and planned a roadmap to help move the industry forward.

A particular theme running throughout was: A Safe Repair is The Only Repair. This was echoed by OEM panel discussion featuring Paul Stella of Toyota, Scott Wideman of Volkswagen, John Evers of Porsche and Chris Castagna from BMW. Mark Millson of Excellence Collision and Jeff Pabst from Pfaff led the panel, providing attendees with detailed and personalized information based on audience questions.

This landmark meeting was organized in response to member requests for an in-person dialogue on trends and challenges in the industry. Surrounded literally by millions of dollars worth of Porsches, McLarens, Teslas, and other high-end automobiles in various shapes of repair, attendees represented more than 100 unique locations across Canada from coast to coast.

According to industry veteran and owner of Saputo Capital Collision Group, Joe Saputo, the meeting had all the right players in attendance.

“Today I saw a room of collision experts in every category of the industry at the very highest level. There were 60-year veterans and there were young entrepreneurs. They were from banners; they were from dealer groups and there were independents. There were MSOs and there were singlestore owners, but what I saw verified and confirmed that if we are to make a change, rest assured, all the elements are there!”

Kelvin Campbell, from Halifax, N.S., along with Shawn Stenson of Kingston, Ontario, co-chaired the meeting. On hand were four other regional reps, Jeff Pabst from Markham, Ontario; Daniel Trevisanutto from Thunder Bay, Ontario; Wade Bartok from North Vancouver, British Columbia, and Mike Mario from Regina, Saskatoon.

Due to a cross country blizzard and cancelled flights the evening prior, representatives Joel McPhail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Steve Hammond from Edmonton, Alberta., were unable to attend.

BASF and PPG provided a catered breakfast and lunch. Pfaff Autoworks provided the incredible location which attendees happily and excitedly toured. The logistical arrangements, including registration, sound and stage management, were handled by Collision Repair magazine.

Following the meeting, Peter Woo, of Excellence Collision in Markham commented on social media: “The association is going in the right direction! Well done!”


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