In Memoriam: Sean O’Regan of O’Regan Automotive Group dies at 53

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia — The Canadian collision repair community shared a tremendous loss last week as news came to light that Sean O’Regan, CEO of O’Regan’s Automotive Group, died of a heart attack on Thursday at the age of 53.

O’Regan was the third-generation CEO of his family’s company and his passing coincides exactly to the day with the death of his father Paul who died ten years prior.

Sean’s brother Patrick reminisced to The Chronicle Herald about times shared with his brother and the shock that this news comes with.

“Sean’s my big brother, my best friend, the best man at my wedding,” said Patrick.

“He was a very kind person and enriched the lives of everyone around him. He was a tremendous confidant and friend.”

A strong advocate for local charities like the Churchill Academy, a school for children with learning disorders, Sean was known to “live large” in all aspects of life.

“Sean was large in every capacity: personality, stature, attitude,” said Patrick.

“He liked [charity] for a number of reasons but mostly because if kids don’t have an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to progress and grow, our community is diminished as a result of that.

“He also worked with L’Arche Halifax, Symphony Nova Scotia and the Heart and Stroke Foundation, among others. Sean believed he had an obligation to support the community in which he was fortunate to earn a living.”


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