In Memoriam: Randy Sarchuk, 1960-2022

Regina, Saskatchewan — Randall “Randy” Sarchuk, automotive painter and former paint rep for Reineking Paint and Color Compass, has died.

Randy’s family announced his untimely passing last Friday; he died on March 12, 2022, at 61 years old.

Randy was a longtime member of the automotive aftermarket and a familiar face to collision repairers in Saskatchewan. He first stepped into the industry after completing grade 10, working as an autobody painter, and later went on to represent Reineking Paint in Regina. He eventually grew to become the company’s Saskatchewan Sales Manager.

“We hired Randy in 1985,” said Ton and Koos Reineking. “We were quite apprehensive if this quiet, reserved Saskatchewan farm boy could support the growth needed in our Regina Market. He was joining Bernice Leflar who was already at the branch, and that took a while to find their way to work together!

“Randy proved us all wrong. He kept increasing his knowledge of customer service, learning to budget–with Bernice’s help–and gain market share. After a little while, we promoted him to our Saskatchewan Sales Manager, overseeing both the Regina Store and our Saskatoon Store Where Erika Facca was the Operations Manager.

“We have many fond memories of Randy, and his commitment to our industry and to his customers was amazing,” concluded the Reinekings.

Bernice Leflar and Gord Milford also left condolences for their friend and colleague.

“Randy came from the trade with a lot of painting experience, which made him a hands-on leader,” wrote Leflar and Milford. “He was never afraid to get his hands dirty. He contributed much to the development of the autobody industry going from dirty, off-the-road facilities to state-of-the-art businesses in Saskatchewan.

“He was a leader in our industry for decades. Randy was trusted by his customers, for his straightforward and truthful approach. He loved to read books–not just technical sheets. He was honest, sincere, persistent, a leader, loyal and treated everyone fairly. He left us too early…”

Tom Bissonnette, who currently serves as the director for the Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers (SAAR) and Don Swick of PPG Canada also shared memories of their friend.

“I first met Randy when I worked at Dodge City Auto,” said Bissonnette. “He was perhaps one of the most consistent paint suppliers I have ever worked with. I will remember this man as one of the key building blocks of any success I have ever had in the collision repair industry. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Don Swick of PPG wrote: “I did not get the honour of meeting Randy until he earned his Saskatoon responsibilities–in addition to Regina–for Reineking Paint. I always found it strange that we both have Wakaw, Saskatchewan roots–Randy was from there and my father was born there. Over the years Randy and I became fairly close friends and I found him to be a high-quality human being with a solid set of values. He will be truly missed.”

Randy most recently worked with Color Compass until his retirement in May 2021.

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