In Case of Emergency: OPS unveils new app to help customers after a collision

Toronto, Ontario Overall Parts Solutions (OPS) has released a new app that helps customers through the proper steps to take after a collision.

The leader in automotive software solutions introduced the app CrashPal, which is available for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, FIAT, and ALFA ROMEO mobile apps. CrashPal is designed to give drivers an easier experience after a collision. Drivers can put all their information into the app, like their driver’s license and insurance information, so it is always available when needed. 

If a driver is in a collision, the free app also messages the driver to make sure everyone involved in the collision is okay and it will also call 911 right away. Then the app will walk the driver through all the necessary steps like taking pictures of the vehicles and gathering important information from others that are involved.

Sib Bahjat, COO and co-founder of OPS, says that the app is available so that the driver doesn’t have to worry about what to do after a collision. 

“OPS’ goal is to create an innovative end-to-end solution for our customers. A vehicle collision can be a pain point in vehicle ownership. When a driver has been in an accident, it can be hard for the driver to focus on the next steps,” said Bahjat.

“The CrashPal app streamlines and simplifies the documentation process after an accident. With the app on their smartphones, drivers will have post-collision guidance to help protect against unnecessary worries and provide peace of mind.” (SOURCE Fender Bender)

CrashPal is available in various places throughout North America.


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