If It Ain’t Broke: 96 percent of Subarus sold in Canada over last 10 years still on the road, study says

Toronto, Ontario — To at least temporarily put to bed a longstanding debate in the auto industry about which automaker’s vehicles are truly “built to last,” a recent market research report found that 96 percent of Subaru vehicles sold in Canada in the past ten years are still running and on the road.

According to data compiled by IHS Markit as recently as June 30, the Subaru Outback leads the Japanese OEM’s model lineup overall in longevity, with 97 percent of the 2013-2022 Outbacks sold in Canada over the past ten years still being on the road today.

Still an impressive percentage by all means, Subaru’s least long-lasting offering, the BRZ, still has 86 percent of its 2013-2022 model history on Canadian roads.

“Our strategic planning always includes providing long-lasting value to our customers,” said Subaru Canada chairman, president and CEO Yasushi Enami.

“Data like this gives us the confidence and confirmation that our goals are being achieved.”

The data compiled was based on Canadian new vehicle registrations.


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