Appraisers “GAS CAPP” program simplifies permitting process for shops

Appraisers "GAS CAPP" program simplifies permitting process for shops.

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — March 26, 2018 — RecsLock has recently announced its partnership with the Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers (IADA) Association in a joint effort to simplify the permitting, licensing, compliance and certification processes for bodyshops. The new program is called “GAS CAPP” and stands for Government Agency Synchronized via Compliance Appraisers Permit Picture program, in which any document can be easily converted into a digital format that will allow shops to save time and resources when filing for permits and licensing.

“It just makes sense for our members to act as verifiers, because they’re working in these bodyshops

every day,” said Dennis O’Mahoney, executive vice president, IADA. “In fact, our members perform roughly 500,000 auto damage appraisals annually on average. Many of our members are second and third-generation appraisers with over 20 years of experience, so we can provide the coverage, expertise and brand recognition to bring credibility to the GAS CAPP program. The shop owners already know us, and our members have established long term relationships with many of them, so being involved in this type of program is a natural fit.”

Advances made in digital documentation have the potential to streamline permit processing from initial application to monthly tracking. Along the way, scanner software is now capable of producing status reports, and highlighting any problems that might hold up the permitting process. One of the ultimate goals of GAS CAPP is to utilize cloud-based software to produce status reports and alert for any problems that could potentially delay or impede the process.

Staying up on bodyshop permits, licenses and related documentation can be a full time job, and that’s

why many owners or managers get frustrated by the unending process. The IADA’s members will be assigned by RecsLock to the collision repair facility nearest them to document and verify that the shop has current permits and direct them to resources if needed. O’Mahoney said, “As requested, we are there to make sure the shops have the documentation necessary to be compliant. We may also be verifying things such as paint equipment, etc., when applicable. Our job is to document and store data to make this entire process easier for shops and we believe that’s precisely what we’ll be doing.”

As a validating source, IADA will provide a full documentation inventory so shops know exactly where they stand with their permits, licenses and certifications. “Most well-established shops are already in full compliance all the time, so in those cases it will simply be a matter of taking photos and validating what’s there,” O’Mahoney said. “Many organizations want to know, including the insurance

companies, OEMs, owners groups and MSOs, to name a few, that shops have the proper permit or compliance documentation necessary to serve the customer.” Digital permit compliance produces recognized rating from legally binding regulatory requirements. The program analyzes permit conditions and performance and generates a numerical score that is very similar to a credit score, ranging from 300 to 850, with 850 indicating a perfect score. The benefits of the GAS CAPP program offers multiple advantages to any bodyshop that wants to stay within compliance, by reducing permitting time, improving record keeping, enhancing communication between permit holders and the authorities, as well as enhancing employee efficiency while eliminating duplication of effort.

Steve Schillinger, who was instrumental in the creation of the GAS CAPP program, has already received top reviews from shops using the system. “It alleviates the workload and makes everyone so much more efficient, because it allows users to pull data online from an existing database,” he said. “It also enables shops to concurrently review reporting conditions by all of the necessary departments involved, including human resources, the parts department and the paint department, for example. But, one of the main advantages of this program is that shop professionals can now submit plans, reports and fulfillment online.”

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