i-Xperiments: 2022 BMW iX to feature innovative “digital grille,” adaptive roof tinting

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey – As BMW gears up for the rollout of its all-new fully-electric iX “Sports Activity Vehicle” (SAV), the automaker revealed a redesign for their signature “kidney” grille which will take full advantage of the vehicle’s electric powertrain.

Set to launch in the U.S. in early 2022, the iX is BMW’s first venture into what they consider to be the future of the brand, featuring an all-electric driving system capable of producing 500 hp with an estimated range of about 480 kilometres, according to a press release from the automaker issued on Nov. 11.

“The BMW Group is constantly striving to re-invent itself. That is a central element of our corporate strategy,” said chairman of the board of management for BMW AG Oliver Zipse. “The BMW iX expresses this approach in an extremely concentrated form.”

Perhaps the most notable innovation of the iX’s fully-electric driving system is how it utilizes the technology to make new use out of the vehicle’s grille.

“Since the electric drive system of the BMW iX requires only a small amount of cooling air, the kidney grille is completely closed off. Its role has turned digital and here it functions as an intelligence panel. Camera technology, radar functions and other sensors are integrated seamlessly into the grille behind a transparent surface. The heating elements and cleaning system for the sensors are also embedded in the grille front,” read the press release.

The iX’s roof is packed with technology as well, both impressive in its size and features the ability to adjust the tint of the glass with the press of a button.

“The available panoramic glass roof features a large single-piece transparent surface that spans the entire interior, making it the largest glass roof ever fitted in a model from the BMW Group. The panoramic glass roof greatly enhances the sense of spaciousness and the lounge-style ambience inside the BMW iX and maximizes headroom for the occupants by removing the need for an interior shade liner. The new glass roof features electrochromic shading instead, which can be activated at the press of a button to shield the interior from direct sunlight.”


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