I-CAR to offer preview of new Vehicle Tech and Trends course at SEMA

Hoffman Estates, Illinois  — October 29, 2013 — I-CAR will offer numerous training opportunities at the 2013 SEMA Show, including 11 courses from its Professional Development Program (PDP). The show will mark the premiere of Vehicle Technology and Trends 2014 (NEW14), more than a month before its official launch on December 16. The training schedule will run from Tuesday, November 5, through Friday, November 8, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

Vehicle Technology and Trends 2014 (NEW 14) covers:

New trends and technologies in North American, Asian and European vehicles
Features and technologies that distinguish new vehicle models from predecessors
Repair procedures for aluminum structures, ultra-high-strength steel and carbon fiber
New vehicle designs, safety features, collision-warning systems and alternative fuel systems
The trends that will become tomorrow’s standard features

The new course is an outgrowth of I-CAR’s ongoing work through its Repairability Technical Support initiative to improve industry access to technical repair knowledge, address gaps in repair procedures, and enhance industry technical communications with OEMs.

“The automotive industry’s rapid advancements in vehicle technology require up-to-date collision repair training, since repair procedures can now sometimes change significantly even from one model year to the next,” said Josh McFarlin, Director of Curriculum & Product Development for I-CAR. “I-CAR’s role-relevant training at SEMA will highlight the technologies and procedures collision repair professionals need to know to perform complete and safe repairs on the newest vehicles and technologies.”

In addition to Vehicle Technology and Trends 2014, I-CAR will also offer a variety of its newest and most popular courses:

Structural Straightening Steel (SSS01)
Mechanical Systems Analysis (DAM03)
Damage Analysis of Advanced Automotive Systems (DAM07)
Plastic and Composite Repair (PLA03)
Waterborne Products, Systems, and Application (REF07)
Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repairs (ALI01)
Stationary Glass (GLA02)
Hazardous Materials, Personal Safety, and Refinish Safety (WKR01)
Replacement of Steel Unitized Structures (SPS10)

A full schedule of I-CAR training dates and times for SEMA is available on i-car.com. Attendees can register for the training sessions on the SEMA Show website.

Upon its official December 16 launch, collision repair professionals will be able to register for the Vehicle Technology and Trends 2014 (NEW14) course at www.i-car.com. It meets I-CAR ProLevel or annual training requirements for all PDP roles.


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