I-CAR’s shop locator just got a big upgrade

Toronto Ontario — July 3, 2019 – I-CAR’s new shop locating site just got a major upgrade – one that could easily connect customers to certified CR shops across North America.

Announced earlier this week, I-CAR is rebranding their “Gold Class Shop Locator” site to “BodyShopology” – an upgrade that will now include info on OEM certifications, insurance affiliations, and other crucial information for curious customers looking for a great CR shop. 

Originally only representing I-CAR body shops, the BodyShopolgy site will now include identified Ford-certified and Farmers direct repair program facilities, which can lead customers to a variety of other certified collision repair shops for their specific car repair needs. 

If collision repairers don’t see their shops on the site, Gold Class said it’s not hard to be featured. 

“Automakers and insurance partners are being added to the locator on a regular basis,” stated the Gold Class site. “If you don’t see yours today, consider a Gold Class designated shop that is trained to perform complete, safe and quality repairs.”

This new upgrade was designed to unify bodyshops and insurers in the industry and connect customers to shops without bias. 

“While there’s no shortage of shop locators available, I-CAR’s neutrality sets BodyShopology.com apart from the rest, providing an objective and unbiased tool for consumers,”  I-CAR marketing director Stacey Wesselink stated.

“Not all body shops are created equal. The reality is, approximately 65 percent of the nation’s body shops – or 2 out of 3 shops – are not training. That’s why we’re creating a new consumer conversation that also considers a shop’s training or credentials as additional factors in selecting a body shop, contributing to complete, safe and quality repairs.”

According to John Lynch, manager of Gezon Motors, the site wasn’t only upgraded to connect, but to educate. Lynch’s shop is featured on the site and believes it has helped them extensively with consumer education. 

“BodyShopology is an invaluable tool, as it can help consumers understand there are other considerations – beyond price – when choosing who to trust your vehicle with,” stated Lynch. 

For more information on BodyShopology, or to see if a shop you know could be Gold Class certified, visit goldclass.com


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