I-CAR launches Vehicle Technology and Trends 2015 course

Hoffman Estates, Illinois — November 26, 2014 — Registration for I-CAR’s new Vehicle Technology and Trends 2015 course—NEW15—is now open to all industry members.

The live 3-credit hour course provides a preview of developing vehicle and technology trends set to directly impact repair processes, including structural design innovations, system changes and new materials and electronics throughout new and redesigned vehicles. NEW15 will also focus on the aluminum-intensive vehicles entering the market, necessitating updated training on aluminum repair.

“I-CAR is committed to equipping the industry with training that provides the knowledge needed to perform complete, safe and quality repairs as it prepares for a ‘tsunami’ of new and advanced vehicle construction materials that promise to change the collision repair industry landscape,” says I-CAR Director of Curriculum & Product Development Josh McFarlin.

The course meets training requirements for all Professional Development Program (PDP) roles.

Registration for NEW15 is available online, with additional, relevant courses from the Vehicle Technology and Trends series, including those included in last year’s NEW14, added to class schedules regularly.

To learn more about I-CAR, please visit I-CAR.com.


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