I-CAR debuts new steel replacement and sectioning courses

Hoffman Estates, Illinois — November 4, 2013 — I-CAR has officially launched its new Live-only courses in steel parts repair and replacement, giving technicians the up-to-date information they need to make the right decisions in replacing and sectioning steel unitized parts with today’s advanced materials.

“The old general sectioning guidelines no longer apply with current models,” said Josh McFarlin, I-CAR Director of Curriculum and Product Development. “Collision repair professionals need current knowledge on when to replace steel unitized structures at factory seams, when to section, and how to carry out these tasks when OEM repair guidelines are absent. The two new courses deliver essential guidance on how to achieve complete and safe repairs in these situations.”
Replacement of Steel Unitized Structures (SPS10) offers considerations when recommendations for OEM procedures for disassembly at factory seams are not available. It provides students with opportunities to learn from actual vehicle maker procedures for replacing parts at factory seams, to understand why certain parts need to be completely replaced, and to learn the factors that impact decision-making when separating an assembly.
Sectioning of Steel Unitized Structures (SPS11) provides the information technicians need to make proper decisions for sectioning. It defines sectioning and its differences from partial replacement at factory seams, shows how to prepare the vehicle for a sectioning repair, examines various types of sectioning joints, and details part-specific sectioning considerations. The course uses classroom activities, props and demonstrations to illustrate detailed information on sectioning preparation and joint types. 
The new courses replace the SPS01 and SPS02 courses to provide more current information and better align with the Knowledge Areas in I-CAR’s Professional Development Program. As of this course launch, SPS10 is now a ProLevel 2 requirement and SPS11 a ProLevel 3 requirement for Steel Structural Technicians. Estimators and Auto Physical Damage Appraisers can apply SPS10 and/or SPS11 courses toward their annual training requirements. Only those Steel Structural Technicians who have previously completed both SPS01 and SPS02 will be exempt from taking the new courses to meet their ProLevel 2 and 3 requirements; SPS01 and SPS02 are no longer available. Registration and more information is now available on the I-CAR website, i-car.com.

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