Quebec prepares for hydrogen fueled cars

By CRM Staff 
Toronto, Ontario — August 21, 2018 —According to reports by the CBC, Quebec has ordered 50 Toyota Mirais and should be receiving them by the end of this year.

The hydrogen fueled sedan is one of the first of its kind to be sold commercially.
With electric cars still on the rise and a strong movement in place supporting cleaner energy, hydrogen fueled cars represent another option for vehicle owners looking to cut back on emissions. 
Toyota has been investing in the hydrogen technology since the ‘90s.
As of now Quebec has two filling stations for hydrogen-fueled cars and plans to double this number in the near future.
Unlike electric cars, hydrogen run cars take only five minutes to refill and travel about 500 kilometers on a full tank. Another benefit these cars offer over electric, is they are very reliable in cold weather and their only by-product is water emissions.  
Unfortunately it is unclear when this new car will be available for regular purchase in Canada or what it will cost.
The Mirai currently retails in California for $57,000 U.S. 


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