CUSMA Conversation: American Industries’ webinar on CUSMA and auto industry

Toronto, Ontario– American Industries will be producing a free webinar on Sept. 24 presented by trade experts and trailblazers in the auto industry. 

The purpose of this webinar is to analyze the CUSMA’s Rules of Origin and Content and its impact on the auto industry as a whole.

During the webinar, attendees will hear directly from CUSMA negotiators on how President Trump’s new treaty will shape the future of trade in North America. 

The webinar will provide you with advice and different ways to take advantage of this new agreement before the market becomes more competitive.  

The session will be divided into five sections with a Q&A at the end. The first speaker will be Flavio Volpe, President of APMA (Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association), discussing the opportunities and challenges for the auto industry in North America. 

Next will be Jim Swanson, President of The Stewart Company, who will be explaining the new supply chain opportunities with CUSMA. Kenneth Smith is the webinar’s third speaker and Mexico’s former chief negotiator for NAFTA. He will be discussing CUSMA rules of origin and content. 

President of GFX (Ground Effects Ltd.) Jim Scott is the next speaker for the webinar and will be talking about his global automaker success story in Mexico. And lastly but not least, the final speaker of the webinar will be Gerardo González, Guanajuato Regional Director at American Industries. González will finish the webinar by discussing the perspective of a global auto manufacturer and his successful nearshoring experience in Mexico. 

Spaces are limited so reserve your spot today–registration for the event can be found here


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