Honest Al: Big Al’s Auto Repair hosting holiday giveaway

Lethbridge, Alberta — The staff at Big Al’s Auto Repair in Lethbridge, Alta. are exercising their charitable muscles this holiday season by giving a used van to a local family.

Later this month, the shop will present the refurbished van—which will be filled to the brim with clothes, food and gifts⁠—to the family. According to Big Al’s, the refurbished 2006 Chevy Venture received new tires, a new windshield, fresh brakes as well as a few other minor repairs to assure its perfectly prepped for the family.

This marks the fifth year Big Al’s has run the giveaway. According to owner Shawn Hammond, the shop actually started the charitable mission by accident, when a five-person family that was new to Canada bought a small car off an auction, but later found it needed some serious work.

After the shop repaired it, the vehicle broke down again, prompting one employee to joke that they should just buy a van and gift it to the family instead.

So that’s what they did. Since then, the giveaway has been a holiday tradition.

Anyone who wishes to donate cash, gift cards or food to this year’s family may visit Big Al’s Auto Repair at 3227 2 Avenue North in Lethbridge, Alta. The facility will be accepting donations until Friday, Dec. 13.

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