Hon-Da Way to Greatness: Latest Guild 21 webinar talks “All Things Honda”

Toronto, Ontario — “All Things Honda” was the topic of discussion at this month’s Guild 21 webinar as George, Micki and Gabriel were joined by three of the OEM’s top collision repair experts to talk about some changes in the Honda world.

This latest Guild 21 presentation featured Scott Kaboos, Dane Rounkles and John Chambers: assistant manager of collision marketing, manager of wholesale collision parts and assistant manager of the Collision Repair Certified Network, respectively.

To open the webinar, it was announced that the official Honda/Acura certification program, formerly known as ProFirst, to the Honda/Acura Certified Collision Repair Program, in order to eliminate brand ambiguity.

As well, several new Honda training courses were announced, covering ADAS and scanning and diagnostics procedures, as well as teasing a few new in-person classes dealing with specific aspects of Honda and Acura structural repair, to come later on this year.

The bulk of the presentation was spent detailing the steel and overall materials usage in some of the company’s newest models, emphasizing the ways in which the OEM is helping support techs and keep them better equipped to make repairs on various material types.

In addition to showing slides and discussing updates to several Honda and Acura models, Kaboos, Rounkles and Chambers walked the audience through where to find information like materials usages and repair procedures on their website techinfo.honda.com.

Sheet metal part production is also high on Honda’s priority list, according to the guest presenters, as the company is working toward increasing availability on small sheet metal-based parts.


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