Hearing Murmurs: GM reportedly designing midsize pickup variant of electric GMC Hummer

Toronto, OntarioBloomberg reported Wednesday that engineers at General Motors are mulling over a design for a midsize pickup variant of the latest-generation electric GMC Hummer.

Still in the design concept phase at GM’s California design studio, insiders in the midsize Hummer’s development told Bloomberg that there is a strong likelihood that the model will enter official production alongside the large Hummer pickup currently in production, with a full-size SUV variant scheduled to hit assembly lines early next year.

It is appearing that this latest generation of Hummer is positioned as a key piece of GM’s electric vehicle strategy, as the company carries forward with plans to spend $35 billion to develop 30 new EV models by 2025.

Bloomberg’s reporting also suggests that a smaller version of the Hummer may be an attempt by GM to make the North American icon appeal to the European market.

Mikhael Farah, a spokesman for GM’s GMC truck division, declined Bloomberg’s request for comment.

What do the auto body repairers think about this news? What is repairing one of the new-generation Hummers like? How will a midsize body change your approach? Let us know in the comments down below.


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