Hagerty and Aviva Canada to insure classic cars in New Brunswick

By CRM Staff

Fredericton, New Brunswick — January 10, 2014

Hagerty and Aviva Canada have announced the launch of a classic car insurance program in New Brunswick. This classic car insurance program is a specialized “Agreed Value” policy that differs from a regular auto policy by recognizing classic car values do not depreciate and typically increase over a period of time. The Hagerty policy and benefits are currently offered in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, and New Brunswick.

“North America is the most active segment of the classic car world and we are witnessing all-time records of ownership and usage,” says McKeel Hagerty, President and CEO of Hagerty. “By partnering with Aviva Canada, citizens of New Brunswick are now able to join a global network of classic car owners who share the same passion for collecting, driving their classics, and preserving the future of this industry.”

The Hagerty policy is available through the Aviva Broker network, with Hagerty also accepting other broker business throughout the entire province. The program typically does not require an appraisal to obtain coverage, and Hagerty can assist with proper valuation. Also included is access to an extensive network of products and resources designed to help classic car owners find information and get the most enjoyment out of their vehicles.

“Classic car owners are a passionate group,” says Greg Somerville, President and CEO of Aviva Canada. “By teaming up with the world-class team at Hagerty, our broker partners and customers can be certain that the best possible team is protecting their cherished vehicles.”

Classic cars have insurance needs different from daily driver vehicles, and the repair needs are often different as well. Hagerty can, if requested, provide policy holders with a number of options when their beloved automobiles are damaged.

They can take the vehicle to the repair shop of their choice, says Jonathan Klinger, Hagerty Public Relations. They can choose to take it a collision repair facility or a shop that specializes in restoration work.If they want to restore it themselves, our program will even pay clients to fix their own vehicles. Some classic car owners prefer to do the work themselves, and we can accommodate that. With that said, if a client is not familiar with where to go, we can help them find a shop that knows classic cars.

Klinger also notes that classic cars present challenges that modern vehicles do not, especially when it comes to parts sourcing.

Depending on the vehicle, a replacement panel may simply not be available, so it will have to be made, says Klinger. For some cars, like vintage Mustangs and Camaros, the parts are relatively easy to come by, but for rarer vehicles it can be much harder. We can assist the client to locate shops that can do the work or fabricate the parts they need.


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