Guild 21: Today’s webinar to discuss AI in repair process

Newport Beach, California The Guild 21 Webinar on July 8 will feature the president of SCG Management Consultants, Sean Carey, who will do a 90-minute presentation on “A Safe & Proper RepAIr Using AI.”

The Guild 21 Webinar is hosted by an industry consultant and professional speaker, George Avery, Senior Vice-President of Verifacts, Gabriel Morley and a collision industry marketing specialist and podcast host, Micki Woods. 

“Sean has a keen understanding of the needs of insurers, OEMs, rental car companies, technology providers and a wide range of industry supply chain vendors,” said Morley, “He is well respected in the industry as a strategic visionary and leader in growing businesses and markets from concept to implementation and we are pleased to have him share information with the collision industry during the next Guild 21 Webinar.”

Topics include:

  • Overview of the current state of the collision industry
  • The overwhelming amount of technology, including AI, coming into the industry
  • The face of change that technology is causing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Remote and AI estimating
  • Potential implications if all stakeholders aren’t included in the process

Carey has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and he says that with the changes happening in the automotive world, AI needs to be up to date on new procedures and processes. 

“In light of the changes taking place in the collision industry, we are potentially going to create a bad situation for a lot of the constituents, including repairers, OEMs, and vehicle owners,” said Carey. “I don’t think that AI has fully comprehended the necessary repair procedures and processes required with ADAS, calibration and diagnostic interrogation of the vehicle.”

 Carey does believe that insurers are spearheading the development of using AI. 

 “It’s critical to include all of the correct repair procedures and current diagnostic and calibration requirements of the car,” he said. “We would likely get a far more accurate initial assessment of the vehicle, which would ultimately lead to a safe and proper repair and a more satisfied customer.”

To register for the event go to: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYqdu6grz4jHdy1-yOEAd6-5WtbjlZP5Mls.


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