Green Light, KV: AirCar certified airworthy Slovac Transport Authority

Bratislava, Slovakia – Ever dreamt of flying cars? This transforming plane/car is the latest in a long line of attempts.

Klein Vision’s flying car prototype dubbed the ‘AirCar’ has been certified airworthy by the Slovac Transport Authority. In line with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards, this certification follows 70 hours of flight testing and over 200 takeoffs and landings.

Closer to a car-shaped plane than a true automobile, a video by Klein Vision shows the AirCar taking off from a grass field, hinting at the versatility of a commercial aircraft that isn’t limited to runways and airstrips.

Unfortunately–or fortunately for the rest of us–you need a pilot’s license to own the AirCar, flight hours and all. Your basement flight simulator doesn’t count.

For the AirCar’s first inter-city flight, click on the thumbnail below.


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