Glue Guide: Volvo updates position statements on windshield adhesives, bumper cover repair

Toronto, Ontario — Volvo has expressed some sticking points in a pair of position statements regarding windshield adhesives and bumper cover repair.

The Swedish automaker reiterated in one of the statements that only Volvo Genuine parts, and subsequently only Volvo PUR adhesive kits, should be used in the repair of Volvo windshields.

“These [kits] are selected and tested by VOLVO and are the only ones for which VOLVO Car Company will take responsibility for the result,” the statement reads.

“Utilizing only genuine Volvo Car parts will ensure vehicle safety, performance and residual value.”

The position statement warns technicians to be careful using the polyurethane adhesive, which can cause allergies in the respiratory tract. The material can also form isocyanates when heated, as in grinding or welding; technicians are cautioned to wear a fresh air or carbon filter mask and gloves.

A camera and radar calibration is also required after every Volvo windshield replacement, with the statement pointing out that “Volvo systems are required to ensure correct functionality. Aftermarket services may find it quite difficult to properly re-calibrate stated systems.”

The second position statement released by the company concerns bumper cover repair and comes with a warning to repairers that more than one layer of metallic paint on a bumper cover can interfere with a vehicle’s blind spot information system (BLIS) operation.

“Since metallic particles in car paint can deflect and/or distort radar beam energy transmitted through painted bumpers, it is important to minimize the total thickness of metallic paint by removing the old damaged coating before applying any new layers,” the statement warns.

As well, to make certain that bumpers comply with regulatory requirements, and that the electronic systems mounted behind them work correctly, Volvo asks repairers not to repair holes or cracks within certain marked areas of the rear cover, or the entire front cover.

Volvo’s full position statements can be found here.


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