Get Amped: I-CAR Canada will launch two new EV courses Monday

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— I-CAR Canada will launch two of the latest electric vehicle (EV) technology courses on Monday, March 8, said the organization.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Initial Inspection and Handling (VT450E01) is a 30-minute course that discusses initial inspection and safety considerations for EV upon arrival at a repair facility. The course covers the initial inspection before damage analysis and reviews visual and other indicators to be aware of before bringing a vehicle into a building or storing it near other vehicles or structures. 

Precautions and considerations for high-voltage batteries and systems and vehicle staging/handling of damaged vehicles are also covered.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis (VT455E01) is a 30-minute course that reviews necessary safety precautions when working with EVs. It gives a significant level of detail on EV’s high voltage components, safety precautions and relevant non-high voltage parts. The course also provides damage inspection and estimating considerations for EVs.

These are the latest in I-CAR’s suite of EV and ADAS courses, including:

  • Requirements and Considerations for Achieving an Accurate Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Calibration 
  • ADAS and Convenience Systems Overview and Service
  • ADAS Diagnostics – When the Calibration Fails
  • Windshields and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)
  • Post Repair Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Testing
  • Ford Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Components and Operation

To access these courses, visit our course catalogue on the I-CAR Canada website or e-mail collisiontraining@aiacanada.com.

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