Generation Gap Gift: Auto enthusiast seeks young gun to repair rare Mercury

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Mike Morrison, the owner of a 1967 Mercury Comet Cyclone GT, is searching for a young auto enthusiast to take on his project car free-of-charge.

Morrison says he wants to “pay it forward” to someone that will actually “do something” with the rare ‘67 Cyclone S code. 

Morrison, a successful auto engineer from Brantford, Ont., credits his seventh-grade English teacher for setting him on the right path. After helping Morrison pass English, the teacher sold the young man his 1970 Mercury Cougar for a mere $50.

“You’ve all heard of paying it forward⁠—there you go, boys and girls, we’re paying it forward,” said Morrison. “Now someone can have my ‘67 Cyclone S Code for the same concept.” 

According to Morrison, he’ll need to find the right candidate before handing over the keys. 

“I don’t want this car to rot⁠—I have too many things to build, and I’m getting too old to do it,” said Morrison. “I want it to go to a home where it will be appreciated⁠—not for someone to rebuild it and sell it for $60,000. I want someone to learn, to achieve a sense of accomplishment⁠—for them to sit there and groan, ‘ugh, I’m never going to get it done.’ Because that accomplishment is going to pay dividence in your career, your promotions, your life⁠—everything.” 

Click here to learn more about Morrison’s Mercury.

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