Future Sight: Ford rolls out remote assistance goggles in the United States

Michigan, United States — Do you like augmented reality systems but wish you could take them to work? This technology brings us one step closer.

Ford’s See What I See (SWIS) headset is essentially a head-mounted camera with an eyepiece that lines up with the wearer’s vision, much like the GoPros professional sportspeople might wear. In theory, this allows a Ford technician to call the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for more assistance.

Where the SWIS sets itself apart is the inclusion of a streaming system, providing technicians diagrams and readouts through their eyepiece. In practice, this allows TAC associates to provide technicians with information in real-time.

According to an article by Just Auto, the TAC headquarters is staffed by 150 technicians, providing assistance to over 1,200 headset-equipped dealers in the United States. They currently receive about 5,000 calls a week, and successfully diagnose 4,800 of them – an impressive number that suggests this technology could be deployed in other skilled trades.

At the time of writing, the product is only available to American Ford dealers at the sweet price of US$3,199. For Ford’s press release unavailable to Canadian browsers, click here.


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